03 January, 2014

Birthday celebration 2013

2014 is here but i still blog about my bday last year LOL
U can see procrastinating is just an unfavorable habit of mine, when can i get rid of it? =(

At what age im this year? You will know if u following my blog, its better if u dont know =)
So i actually blow 3 times candles in this year, done with a pre-cele w family with a small cake, simple but  delightful =0
Love in life

On the birthday eve, me n dess went to Eastin hotel for a stay, then headed to club on the night.
I dont recall that i actually celebrate my birthday in the club before. Think was too old for club, untill my cousin he wanted to cele his bday on my bday eve. Then i come to the mind that maybe i can ask my frens along as they know my cousin well, so ya here's go the first time having celebration in club in my life and probably the last one. 

BFF till die
Men power of the night =)

OOTN (outfit of the night)

here's my brunch of awesome peoples

Thanks for everyone who make it happen for me 

They ask: why do u both still so sweet after 5 years? I said: Love doesn't limit by time, love is forever durable. 

<3 br="" them="">

candid shot by dess

not to forgetting this home made blueberry cheese cake by chef henry, and also this is my first in the life time that some one custom made a cake for me, so gam dong!  >10 years relationship 

thank you mr.henry, so nice n i like it very much
Then on the day on my birthday, have a lunch w dess at western spices
foods was good, price is reasonable, worth trying this western cuisine

Only you can stop yourself for strive
Love Ash 

28 November, 2013

Just Something, Raja uda---Theme cafe in mainland

If you're from butterworth, i bet that u have visited or heard someone talk to you about this cafe. So today i will just make a simple review about this, the newly opened cafe which is owned by my friend-Kenny. 
The first thing once u step into the cafe, u must have to keep an eye on the cafe's decoration. It is all done by my friend by using 2nd hand material, i must have to admit that he is so creative and having the sense of artistic. 
The main reason why i like here the most is because it feel like home,warm and cozy environment that could make me stay whole day, not to forget about the strong wifi connection.

Here the address and contact
Add: Tkt 1, 6998 Jalan Ong Yi How 13400 Butterworth Penang
H/P: 017-4428790
Operation hour: 7pm-12am

pls ignore that monkey face LOL

and jingle is here also

My month- December
Love Ash 

08 November, 2013

2nd D'Unforgotton Cultural Night 2013, by DPP EON, UUM

I was the Head of Bureau Protocol for the first D'un Night, serving Dato Sri Ong Tee Keat as our event's VVIP. It is now the 2nd D'Un night, time flies right!! 
I was supposed to enjoy my dinner this time but due to some condition i was being invited to be the host again. Which i think will be my last time hosting in my Uni life. I like being emcee becoz it is a very challenging task and, i gained various experience everytime when i hosting. 

Honestly speaking, studying in IPTA is so much different than studying in IPTS, which i feel that students in IPTA are being more down to earth and sincere, most probably is becoz many of us are not coming from a rich family background. We need to work during holiday in order to earn some extra pocket money to survive in campus. This is why we are more able to work unconditionally and being really determined. 

Every event that we organize are fully based on our hard work, no lecturers are there going to give a hand to us. From planning to organize to implement to action, everything is solely based on our decision. We our-self are the key that determine the successful of an event. So we can actually sacrifice the sleeping time and study time just to run the event, we usually take about 6-8 months time to prepare. We are so contented once the event end, effort will definitely pay off. 

rehearsal session, before hair do 

formal emcee and informal emcee

w my partner-formal emcee

dennis lau, very talented violinist in Malaysia, check out his profile https://www.facebook.com/dennislauviolin

found the spot?

yes, here she is Nicole 赖淞凤, talented local singer that gonna impress u on the second she start singing, check her out at https://www.facebook.com/NicoleLaiSongFeng?fref=ts

w pretty AIESECer, Joeyi Leong

Another Nicole here =)

on stage

another blogger in UUM, Ivy Liew

Kher Shin

She said so stress of taking pic w me LOLOL

Mei lan

Group shot, all last sem super seniors, most of them is my course-mates  

bff in uum, since 2010 =)

my last sem roommate, siew ping

Character is who u are when no one is looking
Love Ash 

30 October, 2013

Girls night out [Vivien Ong home-coming]

I enjoy every girls night out, i actually thought that girls should be hanging out more rather than stick to your man which make both of u kinda boring. So i was recently into this song Icona Pop- Girlfriend , like the rhythm the most <3 font="" nbsp="">

Back to the topic, our favorite-it girl is back in town, so we gotta have some fun altogether before she heading back to SG. My last time meeting her is last year CNY, it's been ages that we dint catch up w each other. This is most probably becoz when she's back in Penang i'm still in Sintok which make us feel sad about it =( So this is like a golden opportunity that i can finally see her after so longggg =)

We headed to Deluxcious Buffet for our dinner, it is my 3rd time been there. Honestly speaking, the foods is getting bad, only the environment and ambiance are good for it, not sure if i will visit again. But we did enjoy of taking pics endlessly LOLOL

Finally UUM are having such a pretty in the campus-HuiXin Ong <3 td="">

auntie vs leng mui SOB

le girls  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

w my pretty junior

le girls OOTD/OOTN 

Deluxcious outdoor

We girls cant break up too early as we wanted to have more time to chatting, so we headed to Library, Straits Quay for chilling session. Remember? It is a golden opportunity! LOLOL
Hottest chick-Vivien Ong

Crystal join us for chilling session

le crazy+funny girls, HuiXin and Vivienne Hg

Selfie in the toilet, girls being girls  ♥
Love Ash  

24 October, 2013

UUMers' favorite spot- What to do and where to go in Hatyai [BudgetTrip]

Literally, every UUMers has been travel to Thailand at least once. One of the reason why we travel there often is the short distance from our uni to custom is about 20 mins and of coz the economic travel spot that attracted us to go. This time, i'm traveling with my AIESECers, total of 9 of us! I love how we can enjoy shopping with affordable prices and delicious local foods across the street. So i'm going to tell u where is my favorite visit spot when i was there, let's get started =)

My favorite hotel in Hatyai is Centara which is located at the opposite of Lee Garden, strategic location, great ambiance and strong securities that attracted me to be there. Thus, the price is a bit expensive than other hotel, the cheapest rate you can get is about RM140 by booking thru Agoda.

the toilet that could stay whole day

sorry for the mess

Cable Car
Staying in Thai are relatively convenient as u can call a tuk-tuk anytime, anywhere you want with a negotiable price. So pick a tuk-tuk and tell him that u wanna go to cable car and he will fetch u there. Too bad that we dint able to catch a cable car as it was too long queue so we decided to leave =(
Madness is genius, it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring

great view that u dont wan to miss

your's truly
Floating market
Here is the place where u can have all the local foods in one point and most of them are delicious, oh god, it reminds me now =( It open at 3pm(Thailand) to evening. And it was a distance from city to here, so it is better to depart early as the crowd will getting heavier by the time goes late.

Night Market
This is where all the local retail seller gather, they selling anything that you could imagine. Tell the tuk-tuk driver to bring u to night market and im sure you wont regret it.
P/S: Make sure it is not around Lee Garden Plaza, its quite a distance thou.

Chilling Session
We decided to stay in the hotel becoz we are not the fans of tiger show or clubbing so we stay in the comfortable hotel and bonding w each other =)
Centara hotel are equip w kitchen in the room, it is very convenient for house party.

the're awesome

playing cards with some wine


i think we all are really cute LOLOLOLOL

before sleep, they make the trip full of laughter hahahhaha
Breakfast-Dim Sum
Never miss the Dim sum in hatyai, it was so cheap and nice, only RM1.60 per each where u cant get this price on earth anymore LOLOL

Mermaid Statue @ Songkla
It is almost the end of our trip, we head to mermaid statue before leaving to Dannok. 

I Love Mad Peoples
Love Ash 
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